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General Surgery

CGMH provides surgical service to inpatients and outpatients in orthopaedics, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology. Surgical Services are an important part of the hospital's ability to provide high quality Emergency Services.

The Surgical Unit is comprised of 3 Recovery Room bays and a 5 bed Surgical Daycare Unit. CGMH uses three full operating rooms for surgery and a separate Endoscopy Unit with one scope room for endoscopic procedures.

Approximately 85% of all surgeries at CGMH are done through the Surgical Day Care (SDC) Unit. Patients check into SDC in the morning. They undergo their surgery, are monitored during recovery and return home on the same day. For patients admitted after surgery the inpatient surgical floor has a 28 bed capacity.

Family involvement in care, health care teaching, and discharge planning is encouraged in all areas of the hospital. Families are encouraged to spend time with the patient and the Hospital tries to make family members as comfortable as possible.

Planning for discharge from the Hospital begins as soon as possible following admission and is facilitated by the Transition to Home Team.

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