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Imagine The Possible - Campus of Care

As Collingwood General and Marine Hospital continues with the second week of #ImagineThePossible, we ask you to imagine a future campus of care where potential community partners such as long-term care, community mental health, other healthcare services and teaching partners such as Georgian College co-exist together in close proximity.
Campus of Care image displaying a visual representation for long term care homes, health services, community mental health and the college
Imagine a campus connected by walking trails through an abundance of green space and serenity gardens, all conducive to the overall healing process and well-being of patients, families, staff and physicians who work in the area.

Within the campus, imagine increased learning opportunities at the hospital so that mentorship is provided beyond nursing and medical students, to physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutrition services, facilities personnel and more, as we focus on inter-professional education and co-learning - a true interdisciplinary approach, in a hospital designed to meet the needs of these learners.

Now that the vision has started to take shape, we would like you to Imagine The Possible. Imagine what your future hospital could be to you and your family, as it serves the region of south Georgian Bay in the decades to come.

Each week over the next few months we will be sharing new visionary aspects of what your future hospital may hold through the Enterprise Bulletin and social media #ImagineThePossible. You will also find past weeks' articles on the redevelopment portal of under Imagine The Possible.

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