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CGMH to maintain Universal Masking in Hospital

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH) will continue to require anyone entering the hospital to wear a mask inside the building, after the Ontario masking mandate lifts this Saturday, June 11, 2022.

While Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health released a statement lifting masking mandates in most settings and all outstanding emergency directives as of Saturday, June 11, hospital officials believe this is the best decision to keep its patients and its employees safe. Dr. Moore's announcement did outline that hospitals could work to implement their own polices or practice changes to support the continuation of universal masking. 

At this time CGMH along with its Central Region hospital partners will continue with universal masking throughout the hospital for all employees, physicians, midwives, students/residents, outpatients, on-site partners and contractors, visiting contractors that enter the hospital, along with all designated essential visitors (which remain at 2 essential caregivers, for certain patient populations under Phase 3 of the hospital's Designated Visitor policy.)

"Hospitals have an obligation to continue to protect its most vulnerable patients, along with its employees and physicians who care for our patients. Keeping our core services operational is vital for our community and we will continue with these enhanced measures for the foreseeable future," says Mike Lacroix, CGMH Interim President and CEO. 

Health experts have agreed that continued use of masking in hospital settings remains a simple and necessary safeguard. Masking helps prevent the most vulnerable patients from contracting COVID-19. It can also prevent transmission of COVID-19 to health-care providers, keeping people healthy and at work. Hospitals across the province are challenged with Health Human Resources and all efforts must be made to prevent further transmission of COVID-19 within hospitals. 

Additionally, at this time, proof of vaccination remains in place for all designated essential visitors and external vendors arriving at the hospital and current screening processes remain in place. This is subject to change following the release and review of Ministry of Health guidance documents.

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