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The Rehabilitation Department, located on the lower level of CGMH, provides quality, exercise-based, goal-directed physiotherapy and occupational therapy services to inpatients (admitted). In addition, we also provide physiotherapy services to outpatients (those individuals who can come into the hospital for services) for the community. The universal goal is to help people reach their highest potential following an injury, surgery or a decline in their health.

Inpatient physiotherapy is provided to those individuals admitted to CGMH that have been identified as requiring assistance with recovery of function and mobility. The therapy staff will work with the patients with an individualized program to address the needs of the individual. If rehabilitation goals are not to be addressed within an acute care facility, appropriate applications will be completed to transfer to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, where rehabilitation needs can be best met.

There is presently a high demand for outpatient physiotherapy services. As a result, we have had to prioritize our acceptance of physician referrals. We provide services primarily for orthopaedic post-operative and acute injuries, and offer a cardiac rehabilitation program.

You can reach the department at 705-445-2550 ext: 8624.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation program

In South Georgian Bay, community partners including the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, Collingwood YMCA and the Georgian Bay Family Health Team (GBFHT) have come together to develop a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The program has been developed to provide a supervised exercise program for individuals with confirmed COPD, to assist them with managing their symptoms. Patients are referred to this program through their family physician.

The program consists of an education and an exercise component, for a combination of two hours each session over 6 weeks. The program is run out of the Collingwood YMCA, with support from the GBFHT and CGMH Rehabilitation and Respiratory Therapy staff.

This joint partnership is designed with the patient in mind, by providing them with timely and accessible care in the community, away from the germs and bugs that linger in the hospital.

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