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Orthopaedic Surgery

X-Ray used for orthopaedic surgery

CGMH provides orthopaedic surgical service to both inpatients and outpatients. Surgeries are done by Dr. Henry Koo, Dr. Olivia Cheng and Dr. Darryl Collings.

Orthopaedic surgical services are an important part of CGMH's ability to provide high quality Emergency Services and provide regional on call for orthopedic trauma in our Local Health Integration Network providing care for patients closer to home.

CGMH provides hip and knee replacements under the Provincial and Local Health Integration Network's regional joint replacement program. Patients simply visit their family doctor for a referral to the joint replacement clinic in the hospital's Ambulatory Care Centre. Patients are then assessed and scheduled for surgery.

At the present time, as many Preanesthetic Clinic Appointments are occurring virtually, you will find important information to prepare you for your anesthetic and surgery here. Please print out or download and save these forms, and review them in advance of your Preanesthetic Clinic Appointment, which will be scheduled 2-4 weeks prior to your surgery.

CGMH Preoperative COVID-19 Pandemic Measures, Preoperative Patient Isolation Requirements

CGMH Preoperative COVID-19 Pandemic Measures, Routine COVID-19 Testing and Isolation for Surgical Patients

Day Surgery and Same Day Admission Surgery, Patient Information and Checklists

Patient Medication List - Bring this to the hospital on the day of your surgery

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