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Obstetrics / Gynaecology

As a Level I unit, CGMH's Obstetrics Department is able to look after most routine deliveries. High-risk pregnancies are generally referred to Level II (Orillia) or Level III (Toronto) centres for delivery.

Picture of OB Department Room with bed, table, computer, and colourful art on wall

CGMH has four Obstetrician/Gynaecologists - Dr. Gillian Yeates, Dr. Robyn Stark,  Dr. Susan O'Toole and Dr. Sharon O'Brien, however, many normal pregnancies and deliveries are handled by family physicians or the midwives who have privileges at CGMH. 

CGMH provides same room maternity care - labour and delivery, and baby and mother care is provided in the same large, comfortable room. These five private rooms are equipped to handle routine labours and births, except caesarean births (which are preformed in the operating room). This is a family centred environment where baby remains with mother in her room.

Photo of newborn room with Computer screen and camera

CGMH supports a "family-centre" birthing process. The Hospital supports the woman's choice of labour companion(s). Equipment and facilities in the Obstetrics Department have been designed to enhance this "family-centred" atmosphere.

The hospital offers a virtual free two-hour prenatal class the last Monday of each month for expecting parents. The class includes a short education session on labour, delivery and pain management. Registration is required ahead of time through the Ultrasound booking clerk at: 705-444-8670 ext 3. Patients will need to provide their name, email address and healthcare provider name to register.

The Obstetrics Unit is a locked ward requiring badge entry. Visitors are buzzed through and must sign in a the main OB desk.

The Collingwood Well Baby Clinic, a collaborative partnership between midwives and the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, also offers a variety of outpatient programs and services. 

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