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word art showing ethically sound wordsHealth care is "value-rich" in multiple contexts, full of situations where choices and expressions of ethics and values are required. Collingwood General and Marine Hospital recognizes and supports ethics as including and extending beyond point of care, including external key partners and stakeholders. Health care professionals are subject to their own professional codes of ethics and CGMH has an obligation to support its professionals as they practice ethically. CGMH understands its role as an organization with all the demands of organizational ethics.

Through the following five components, CGMH supports ethical practice and considers these to be integral:

1. Case consultation/reviews consisting of an identified process, tools and resources. Case reviews may occur after an ethical event within a department, by a team or through the Ethics Committee.

2. Education events and sessions provided to staff, physicians, volunteers, board members, community/external stakeholders and partners. These will occur via scheduled lunch and learn session, departmental based sessions, physician sessions, board meeting sessions and Ethics Committee meetings.

3. Policy development and implementation at CGMH will be based upon Ethical Principles articulated within the Ethical Decision Making Framework (SBAR), relevant legislation, relevant professional college standards and internal policies such as conflict of interest, Medical Aid in Dying, Do Not Resuscitate, Privacy, etc.

4. Research as per hospital's research policy, process and relevant legislation.

5. Annual Ethics Committee work-plan development and implementation to support the above four components and sustaining/supporting the CGMH Ethics Program.

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