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CGMH operates a Dialysis Unit, located on the main floor, just past the lobby entrance and gift shop, on the right hand side. This clinic provides dialysis services for patients with ongoing kidney disease.

The hospital's Dialysis Unit is a satellite of the Regional Dialysis Program located at Soldiers 'Memorial Hospital in Orillia. CGMH's Dialysis Unit has eight stations and operates six days per week. Three shifts of patients are dialysed daily. The unit's maximum capacity is 48 patients. From time to time there is space available to accommodate transient patients.

The unit handles stable dialysis patients only. Patients who are newly diagnosed with renal failure must receive their dialysis in Orillia, until such time as they are fully stabilized and an opening becomes available in Collingwood.

Registered Nurses (trained and experienced in dialysis) staff the Dialysis Unit. Patients are supported and monitored by routine visits from a team of health professionals including a nephrologist, dietitian and social worker and pharmacist provided through Soldiers' Memorial Hospital.

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