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Ambulatory Care

A wide variety of health care services are available on an outpatient (non-admitted patients) basis, which means you can go home after your test or treatment. All clinics require referral through your family physician.

These clinics and services include:

  • Asthma Clinic - run by our Cardio-Respiratory Department.
  • Arthro Intake Clinic - sees patients who are being considered for hip or knee replacements and patients who are candidates for arthroscopic procedures. The clinic runs twice a month on Friday.
  • Dialysis Clinics - Two specialists hold clinics on the last Tuesday of each month for dialysis patients.
  • General Surgery Clinics - The G&M Hospital has two General Surgeons, Dr. Akinyele and Dr. Lisi, available to consult with patients on an outpatient basis on Wednesdays and Thursdays for a variety of services such as:
    • Minor Procedures, which includes removal of moles, warts, lumps and skin cancers.
    • Sigmoidoscopies; this procedure is an examination of the bowel with a lighted scope for cancer or polyps.

Medical Daycare

  • Blood Transfusions are also available to patients with blood disorders, leukemia or cancer and may benefit from a blood boost.
  • Obstetrics/Gynaecology Clinics. Dr. O'Toole sees patients on Tuesdays and Dr. Tomas sees patients on Thursday.
  • Orthopaedics - The G&M offers full orthopaedic services. Patients with fractures are referred to our Orthopaedic Surgeons by either Family Physicians or our Emergency Department. Patients may also receive splints, casts and pain medications from these outpatient clinics. Surgeons are also available in the event of emergency surgery

Ortho Clinics:

Dr. Collings on Monday
Dr. McCall on Tuesday
Dr. Cheng on Wednesday
Dr. Koo on Thursday

  • Paediatrics Clinics (children) - Dr. Barker conducts clinics on a regular basis for children who require care. Dr. Barker holds a clinic on the first Monday and the last Friday of the month
  • Pre-Admission/Pre-Anaesthetic Clinics - Is held twice per week for patients who are booked to have surgery. Patients will consult with a nurse and have any preoperative work up done so they are prepared for their surgical operation. If needed the patient may consult with an Anaesthesiologist, depending on their medical history.

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