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Patient Declaration of Values

The newly legislated Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA) in Ontario requires all hospitals to develop a Patient Declaration of Values statement. The intent is to grow and communicate a culture of continuous quality improvement in health care, making sure that the needs of patients are clear and collaborative.

If you have visited CGMH before, you might recall that we have had such statements in the past. For example, years ago we called it the "Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities".

CGMH has always been committed to recognizing the importance of patient-centered care and the voice of our patients. Our recent Public Survey conducted both in-house and through web survey provided the following feedback regarding our 'Patient Declaration of Values'.

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital has validated the following statements as the Hospital's Declaration of Patient Values.

  • Employees/Physicians show compassion as they provide my care
  • Employees/Physicians give me information in a way I can understand
  • Employees/Physicians treat me with dignity and respect
  • Employees/Physicians provide me with a high quality of care
  • Employees/Physicians listen to my concerns and get answers to my questions
  • Employees/Physicians include me in planning and providing my care

At the CGMH we support our Patient Declaration of Values and thank you for your input.

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