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Imagine The Possible - Healthy Hospital

As Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH) continues with the third week of #ImagineThePossible, we ask you to imagine a hospital designed to complement the region's wellness approach - a facility that is not just environmentally friendly, senior friendly and accessible, but which focuses on the health and wellness of everyone who enters its doors - through the air you breathe, the lighting used, the food you receive, all designed to promote and support the healing process for patients and the wellbeing of visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers.

Visionary Image of what a healthy hospital could look like with. Image of a hospital in the centre surrounded with bubbles that encase healthy food, water, pure air, lighting.

As the hospital continues to plan for the future it aims to be the first Healthy Hospital in Canada, with a focus on the health and wellness of everyone in the building. The facility would be designed to enhance human health and wellbeing, as it believes stimulating health and behaviours is key to keeping people well, prior to becoming sick and in the hospital.

Imagine a hospital built with effective design strategies that wrap around the internal elements; a healthy hospital is about the effects of space on individuals.

Imagine a hospital that focuses on your overall wellbeing and comfort, an environment that encourages a healthier, active lifestyle and an environment designed to promote a more active recovery, while reducing exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants.

Now that the vision has started to take shape, we would like you to Imagine The Possible. Imagine what your future hospital could be to you and your family, as it serves the region of South Georgian Bay in the decades to come.

Each week over the next few months we will be sharing new visionary aspects of what your future hospital may hold through the Enterprise Bulletin and social media #ImagineThePossible. You will also find past weeks' articles on the redevelopment portal of under Imagine The Possible.

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