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As Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH) continues with the fourth week of #ImagineThePossible, we ask you to imagine your hospital growing to 120 beds, including 14 rehabilitation beds over a 20 year period.

CGMH currently sits at 68 beds, but is consistently overcapacity. This bed growth will allow the hospital to meet the needs of our growing South Georgian Bay community, but is operationally sustainable. By opening 14 rehabilitation beds, care will be provided closer to home for patients recovering from surgery.

Imagine a hospital designed to truly meet the changing demographic of patients that we see, including a sub-cluster of short stay/acute medical beds (approximately 6) to accommodate patients with dementia and behavioural issues. This designated area will provide the optimal environment for the care of this patient population, while additionally supporting geriatric programming.

To accomplish this, rooms in this area are larger than regular unit rooms to allow for additional beds and chairs for family members. Rooms are designed so that beds can be moved around, allowing a familiar layout/routine for a patient to be kept. There's room to house memorabilia such as photo albums and familiar items to keep patients feeling at home and calm. Lighting and paint colours could be modified to provide a soothing feeling in this area. The sub-cluster would have a large visitor area for health team and family conferences, and is structured in a way for optimal staff visibility.

Now that the vision has started to take shape, we would like you to Imagine The Possible. Imagine what your future hospital could be to you and your family, as it serves the region of South Georgian Bay in the decades to come.

Each week over the next few months we will be sharing new visionary aspects of what your future hospital may hold through the Enterprise Bulletin and social media #ImagineThePossible. You will also find past weeks' articles on the redevelopment portal of under Imagine The Possible.

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