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Imagine the Possible image of future hospital servicesCollingwood General and Marine Hospital is on the road to redevelopment submitting its Stage 1 A/B Master Program/Master Plan, the vision of what your future hospital could be, to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care on September 30, 2016. This wraps up the first of five stages on the redevelopment journey. At this time we are awaiting the Ministry's feedback and approval, prior to moving to Stage 2.

Now that the vision has started to take shape, we would like you to Imagine The Possible. Imagine what your future hospital could be to you and your family, as it serves the region of south Georgian Bay in the decades to come.

Over the next few months we will be sharing new visionary aspects of what your future hospital may hold each week through the Enterprise Bulletin, social media #ImagineThePossible and on the redevelopment portal of the website under Imagine The Possible.

Imagine a hospital designed to complement the regions' wellness approach - a facility that is not just environmentally friendly, senior friendly and accessible, but which focuses on the health and wellness of everyone who enters its doors - through the air you breathe, the lighting used, the food you receive, all designed to promote and support the healing process for patients and the wellbeing of visitors, staff, physicians and volunteers.

Imagine a facility growing to twice its current size, to 120 beds (from the current 68) to meet the level of care that is needed across our region. Imagine 14 rehabilitation beds in the hospital, allowing patients requiring immediate rehabilitation services access to care closer to home, instead of travelling to a different facility.

Imagine local access to new clinical services such as a pain management and pacemaker clinic. Imagine more dialysis treatment stations to service more patients locally. Imagine on-site chemotherapy treatments through a satellite clinic, as we enhance our regional partnerships. Imagine access to an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine in the region, eliminating travel and decreasing wait times for access to the services.

In the coming weeks, we will further discuss what your future hospital could be, so continue to Imagine The Possible and reach out with any questions you may have. For more information go to

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