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CGMH to receive first HALO Bassinest swivel sleepers in Canada

The first Halo Bassinest swivel sleepers have arrived not just at CGMH, but on Canadian soil! The bassinest sleepers keep newborns close to their mom, facilitating family-centered care and safe sleep practices in the hospital's maternity ward, allowing new parents the opportunity to increase bonding, as baby now rooms in.

Image of woman sitting in hospital bed with baby in Halo bassinests

The unique and thoughtful design with a rotational arm and 360 degree swivel, allows moms who have delivered via
c-section to position the baby in just the right place for effortless access, while durable construction and safety features, like a patented bedside wall allows mom safe and easy access to her baby at all times, compared to a traditional stationary or attached bassinet.

"Approximately 120 babies were delivered by c-section over the past year at CGMH. Following delivery, skin to skin contact is something that all healthcare providers strongly encourage between parent and baby. These bassinest sleepers help moms that have delivered via c-section by providing an opportunity for baby to be close for comfort and ease of access for breastfeeding, while reducing bending and lifting, which can be uncomfortable on incisions," says Linda MacLeod, Interim VP Patient Experience and Chief Nursing Executive.

Funding for obstetrical equipment was raised through the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation's Wasaga Gives campaign and these are the first pieces of new equipment to arrive.

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