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CGMH says goodbye to CEO Guy Chartrand

Guy Chartrand, President and CEO of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital has announced his resignation having accepted the role of President and CEO of Bruyere Continuing Care in Ottawa.

"Guy has transformed our hospital! In the relatively short time he has served our patients and the South Georgian Bay Community, our focus on patient care, always the hallmark of the G&M, has been extended beyond the hospital walls into our community of healthcare partners. His personal concern and support for our staff and volunteers has had a measurable impact on the hospital, as a place to work and to continually collaborate and innovate on more and new ways to provide excellent care. He has been, in large part, responsible for the strong relationship with our medical and nursing staff in creating a shared interprofessional relationship that looks to the future Hospital, as a centre of learning for our professional staff," says Thom Paterson, Board Chair.

Since starting his tenure at the G&M Hospital in April 2014, Mr. Chartrand has accomplished a great deal in a brief amount of time including:

  • Leading the development and work on the Hospital Redevelopment Stage 1 A/B submission to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
  • Coordinating the round table work on the sub-LHIN Transformation Roadmap, which aims to see community partners and organizations work together to improve services within our sub-LHIN region.
  • Diligent work on Hospital Base Funding, allowing CGMH to balance its 2016/17 books with a balanced budget.

This new role provides him with an opportunity to continue to utilize his strengths in building relationships and implementing innovative approaches, and will allow him the opportunity to unite his entire family in Ottawa.

"It is with very mixed emotions that I'm leaving this community, as the hospital is on a really strong path forward on so many fronts and I'm so proud of all of our staff, physicians and volunteers who truly believe that Together We Can make great things happen," says Chartrand.

Mr. Chartrand will remain at the G&M until June 30, 2017. The Board of Trustees has appointed current Vice President (VP) and Chief Nursing Executive (CNE), Norah Holder to Interim President & CEO effective July 1, 2017.

"The Board strongly supports Ms. Holder's appointment to Interim CEO, as she has the skill set and the leadership to run the hospital and keep the momentum going on so many large projects such as Hospital Redevelopment and the Hospital's Transformation journey," says Thom Paterson, Board Chair.

Ms. Holder joined the G&M Hospital in 2009 as the Vice President of Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive and has accomplished a great deal in this role, including:

  • Leading multiple stakeholders in the collaborative development and implementation of a North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network (NSM LHIN) wide Musculoskeletal (MSK) program and Integration proposal.
  • Heading a diverse clinical redevelopment project, resulting in enhanced patient flow, patient safety and improved work environments for Endoscopy, Dialysis, Inpatient and Emergency, and Medical Device Reprocessing departments.
  • Overseeing the expansion of the pharmacy department, including the implementation of unit dose and medication reconciliation, along with a new See and Treat Department adjacent to the ED and a redeveloped Ambulatory Care Wing.

"I feel honoured to be appointed to the interim position of President and CEO and continue the hospital's Together We Can journey, along with the great work that is taking place with our community partners at the sub-LHIN level," says Norah Holder.

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